About Tri-County Logging

Hardwoods of Michigan Inc./Tri County Logging, Inc. is a locally owned and operated sawmill and kiln drying operation located in Clinton, MI with a 40 year history of responsible forestry practices. We supply lumber to build fine furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and hardwood interior molding and doors. The logs we process are also used to build pallets and railroad ties. At Hardwoods of Michigan, Inc. and Tri Counry Logging, Inc. all parts of the log are used or sold. The bark is sold for mulch, the sawdust is used to fuel the boilers in the kiln drying area, and the lumber is sold for use in a variety of ways. Our technology is designed to make the most respectful, efficient use of this fantastic, sustainable, natural resource.

Our foresters at Tri-County Logging, Inc. are well educated, informed professionals who are up to date on the best methods of woodlot management. They work with landowners to establish cutting schedules that align with their priorities, be it planting, harvesting, hunting, etc. Information is provided to landowners so that they are knowledgeable with regard to the decision making process. We take pride in transparency with our operation, and believe that properly owners should be fully informed on the value and best practices of woodlot management. Our goal is to work with landowners regarding one of their major assets, the woodlot. Sustainable forestry practices are the key to future health of this valuable natural resource.

HMI/TCL Facts:

  • 100+ area employees
  • 40 years in business locally – Clinton, MI
  • 32,000 board feet of logs sawn per day
  • 450 logs per day
  • 60 yards of mulch per day
  • 150 yards of chips per day
  • 50 yards of saw dust per day
  • 10 Truckloads of veneer logs sold monthly
  • 40 Truckloads of pallets logs sold monthly
  • 20 Truckloads of green lumber sold to outside customers monthly
  • 175 Truckloads of grade lumber purchased from outside mills monthly
  • 225 Truckloads of lumber put on sticks monthly
  • 1,500,000 board feet of kiln dried lumber sold monthly
  • “Shalan was our buyer. Mike was the logger. Both did an excellent job. We are very pleased and would recommend you to anyone.” …. David & Teresa White
  • “Honest and fair.” …. Stephan & Janice Crittenden
  • “The timber buyer was friendly and seemed to be very knowledgeable. He selected conservatively, which was in my interest.” …. Sigrid Ewers
  • “Very easy to do business with – the buyer, Bernie was wonderfuk to work with and very friendly. Nice person.”…. Gertrude “Irudy” Kensler
  • “I like your timber buyer.” ….Richard Klepack
  • “Very genuine abd professional people to work with. Very honest and nice to do business with.” ….Glen & Eva Pung

Feel free to contact us for an estimate or with questions you may have. It would be our pleasure to follow your harvest from start to finish.