Hardwood Sawmill Services

Service to the customer is very important to all of the employees at Tri-County Logging. TCL supplies services that benefit the customer greatly for their sawmill and kiln drying product. We do this to help the customer get what they want when they want it.


  • Freight Dispatching (onsite dispatch for fast service)
  • Special Orders
  • Grade Sorting
  • Color Sorting
  • Length Sorting
  • Width Sorting

Specialty Products


  • 8′-16′ in length
  • Name your lumber dimension – 1″ x 4″ to 20″ x 20″
  • Rough or Planed lumber
  • (*Planing capabilities up to 16″) *Must be discussed first

Other Special Items:

2″ or larger specialty stock available in orders of 3000′ or more

For Information
Jeff Mercy
Email – jmercy@hmilumber.com
PH: 800-327-2812 Ext. 319 Fax: 517-456-4931
Tri-County Logging, Clinton Michigan