What to Expect When Logging Your Land

What can I expect when I harvest my trees?

If my trees are over mature?

When trees are over mature, harvesting will leave large open areas of canopy. Harvesting overly large trees can also cause collateral damage to young trees as timber falls. However, the long range health of your forest is the goal. Once through the initial phase, a healthy woodlot can be restored with scheduled harvesting. Optimally, it is best to harvest prior to the overgrowth stage. Trees eventually reach end stage and die. Often the decline of a tree is not immediately visible. Trees die from the inside (heartwood) out and will continue to grow leaves for a period of time. They are prone to windfall and the potential to damage younger trees as a result exists.

If my woodlot is healthy?

Selective harvest will remove trees that have reached maturity enabling younger growth to continue the cycle. Trees will be marked per agreement with the owner. Logging will begin at an agreed upon schedule (weather permitting). Logs will be harvested for upper end hardwood products and removed from the property. The Property will be left in the best possible condition post-harvest. Should you have questions/concerns regarding any phase of the harvest, please contact your Tri County Logging Procurement Professional.

What about treetops?

Treetops are left onsite at the forest. They can be used as a source of firewood for the property owner or sold by the property owner to a third party for use as firewood.

What about wildlife habitat?

Timber harvesting creates better habitat for deer. By harvesting trees, holes are opened in the canopy allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor. This not only accelerates growth of younger trees, but also allows the understory (grasses, weeds, multi-flora rose) to regenerate creating more browse for your deer population. Deer are more apt to inhabit a harvested woodlot vs. a non-harvested woodlot simply due to the fauna increased by the harvest.

Harvest Timing

When is it time to harvest your woodlot? Every 7-10 years. A good gauge is to visually inspect the canopy. A closed canopy may indicate harvest is due or past due.

Interested in logging your woodlot? Contact us today to learn more about harvesting your trees.