Timber Harvesting Services

Customer Service is high on the minds of those who work harvesting timber. All employed with TCL are professional and concerned for new programs that can be put into place to enhance our woodlots and ensure re-growth for future generations.

Download our helpful brochure on “What You Should Know Before Selling Your Woodlot” to learn more about selling your woodlot to Tri County Logging.

Have only one or two trees?


Tri County Logging has professional logging crews for timber harvesting services who work closely with us to harvest the trees which are ready to be removed from the woodlot. These trees will be of good quality for one of the three grades which we saw into lumber or trees that are detrimental to future growth. If you have ten or more acres of hardwoods that you need harvested, contact us today.

SELECTIVE HARVESTING (Sustainable Forestry):
Tri County Logging is certified in Sustainable Forestry Practices. What this means, is that they try to cut only the trees which are or will potentially choke the newer growth and keep it from maturing. In doing this, the woodlot is properly managed and can be harvested in the future. This can be an eternal cycle for our woodlands. If you’re looking for a company that manages your woods for today and tomorrow, get in contact with Tri County Logging today.

For Information
John Binegar, Timber Procurement Manager
Email – jbinegar@hmilumber.com
PH: 800-327-2812 Ext. 354 Fax: 517-456-4931
Tri-County Logging, Clinton Michigan