Managing your woodlot

Tri-County Logging is experienced in industry best management practices. We always have your woodlot’s best interest in mind. We take the time to explain our process to you before a harvest. We’ll develop a plan that’s best for you, whether you wish to harvest again in the future, improve your hunting ground, or open your canopy to improve future growth.

When to Harvest Lumber

Discover if your lot of 10 acres or more is ready to be harvested.

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Managing your woodlot

Recipient of Michigan Forest Association
"Logger of the Year" Award and
"Woodland Service" Award


Species we harvest

  • Ash Ash
  • Cherry Cherry
  • Hard Maple Hard Maple
    Hard Maple
  • Hickory Hickory
  • Poplar Poplar
  • Red Oak Red Oak
    Red Oak
  • Soft Maple Soft Maple
    Soft Maple
  • Walnut Walnut
  • Basswood Basswood
  • Black Oak Black Oak
    Black Oak
  • White Oak White Oak
    White Oak
  • Timber Harvested

  • Invested in Plant and Sawmill Equipment

  • Acres Completed

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