Timber Log Grades

We purchase and harvest the timber needed to produce high quality lumber. Harvested trees are the larger, older growth. It is necessary to grade them based on the clarity and length of the log.

Log Grades: How we grade standing timber for harvest


Sawlogs are primarily the second and third log of the tree. They are the logs that are used to produce lumber.


Logs that have minimal defects. These are primarily the first log of the trees. These logs are used to produce veneer for the face of plywood panels, cabinet facings, wood doors, furniture, etc.


Used to produce dimensional low grade lumber used for pallets, (2×4’s, 3×4’s, 4×4’s, 3 1/2″, Timbers, etc.)

Have 10 or more acres of standing hardwood timber?

If you have 10 or more acres of standing hardwood timber that you’d like to sell, Tri-County Logging buys hardwood timber of all three timber log grades (with pricing varying on the timber grade). Contact us today to find out how much your standing timber might be worth, depending on the grade.

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